Black Bin Sacks

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Black Refuse Sacks (Heavy-Duty)

Black Refuse Sacks - Heavy-Duty Approx 18x29x37 Inches (Case of 200)


High-quality Black refuse sacks with a wider gusset than our standard sacks.

Black Refuse Sacks - Super Heavy-Duty

Black Refuse Sacks - Super Heavy-Duty  18x29x39 (Case of 100) 500-Gauge


Our thickest bag, has superior strength, and puncture resistance for the most demanding jobs.


Weight: 500 Gauge

Black Refuse Sacks - Extra Heavy-Duty

Black Refuse Sacks - Extra Heavy-Duty 18x29x37 Inches (Case of 200)


Extra heavy-duty standard-sized sacks, suitable for varied use including industrial and heavier office waste.

These are our most durable standard-size refuse sacks with better puncture resistance.

Made from high-quality recycled plastic.

Black Refuse Sacks - Medium-Duty

Black Refuse Sacks (Medium-Duty) 18x29x37 (Case of 200)


These sacks are wide enough to line a dustbin and strong enough for most other typical waste disposable uses.


Also available on a roll.

Black Rubble Sacks

Black Rubble Sacks 21x32 inch (Case of 100)


Our strong rubble sacks are 540 x 810mm in size (approximately 21x32") and are 70μm thick (280 gauge).


Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Black Wheelie Bin Liners (Pack of 100)

Black Wheelie‐Bin Liners  30x46x54" (Pack of 100)


The sizes shown are in inches. These sizes are an approximate guide and can slightly vary.