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Mini Centrefeed Rolls

Mini centrefeed rolls offer a more compact paper dispensing solution.

Mini centrefeed rolls, also known as mini center-pull rolls, are compact-sized paper products designed for convenient and controlled dispensing in various settings. Mini centrefeed rolls are smaller in size compared to standard centrefeed rolls. Mini centrefeed rolls are composed of perforated paper wound around a central core, allowing for easy access to the paper from the center. These types of centrefeed rolls are used for tasks that require smaller, portable, and easily manageable paper towels. These rolls are suitable for applications such as quick hand drying, spill cleanup, or general wiping needs. Mini centrefeed rolls offer practicality, space-saving benefits, and a hygienic solution for paper dispensing in both professional and domestic environments.

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Mini Centrefeed Rolls 2-Ply

Mini Centrefeed Rolls 2-Ply White 20cm x 60m   Good value absorbent tissue that is great for drying hands or mopping surfaces. Very popular in the office canteen, laboratories, pharmacies, and...

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